6.5" Coaxial Neodymium Loudspeaker, 1.75" LF + 1.5" HF voice coil, 150 W + 30 W , 92 dB +103 dB
 6NCX 1 new



  • 92 db SPL 1W / 1m ( LF ) average sensitivity
  • 44 mm ( 1.75”) high temperature voice coil ( LF )
  • 300 W AES program power ( LF )
  • Double aluminium demodulating rings
  • Single neodymium magnet assembly
  • Water protected cone
  • 1” exit HF neodymium compression driver
  • 38 mm (1.5”) HF high temperature voice coil
  • 80 degrees nominal dispersion
  • Epoxy anti-corrosion coating of top and back plates of magnet structure
  • Very light weight


PART NUMBER:  12106N0108


Application: Compact reflex boxes.

Description: The 6NCX is a 6.5" / 1" coaxial transducer designed for use in compact reflex enclosures with a nominal dispersion of 80 degrees.  The low profile, smooth curvilinear LF cone provides smooth response within its intended frequency range and water prove protective coating, allowing application in a wide range of environments. The state-of-the-art 44 mm (1.75 in) LF voice coil has glassfiber former, which together with high temperature resistant resin ensure high reliability by high power. A double aluminium demodulating rings reduce distortion and inductance and improve transient response. The neodymium 1" exit compression driver adopted is our D2538 model. The HF driver diaphragm assembly, using triple layer polyester dome this together with phasing plug improve linearity of frequency response in high end. The top and back plates are treated with special high quality epoxy electro-deposition coating, which extremely improves the corrosion resistance of the speaker. Because of design with single magnet assembly the speaker has very light weight and compact size.


Nominal diameter
Minimum impedance LF
Frequency range
Dispersion angle

LF unit
Sensitivity (200-1000 Hz)
Power Capacity AES ¹
Program Power ²
Voice Coil Diameter
Voice Coil Material
Voice Coil Former
V. C. Winding Depth
Magnet Gap Depth
Cone Material
Flux Density

HF unit
Minimum impedance HF
DC resistance
Sensitivity (2-15 kHz)
Power capacity (1-20 kHz)
Program power
Voice coil diameter
Winding material
Diaphragm material
Flux density

170 mm (6.5 in)
LF 8 Ohm /HF 16 Ohm
6.17 Ohm
75 - 18000 Hz
80 deg

92 dB
150 W
300 W
44 mm (1.75 in)
Copper Clad Aluminium
13 mm
7 mm.
Paper with glassfiber
Die Cast Aluminium
0.97 T

10.12 Ohms
8.93 Ohms
103 dB

30 W
60 W
38 mm (1.5 in)

Copper Clad Aluminium
Sandwich polyester
1.84 T


Le at 1kHz 

89.11 Hz
7.01 L
10.91 g
5.4 Ohms
131 cm2
± 4.75 mm
0.268 mm/N
9,66 T.m
0.349 mH


1. AES standard. Power is calculated on rated minimum impedance. Measurement is in 18 L box enclosure tuned 82 Hz using a 60-2000 Hz band limited pink noise test signal applied continuously for 2 hours.
2. Program power is defined as 3db greater than AES Power Capacity.
* Linear Mathematical Xmax is calculated as: (Hvc - Hg)/2 + Hg/4 where Hvc is the voice coil depth and Hg is the gap depth.




Overall diameter
Baffle hole diameter
Bolt circle diameter
Mounting holes
Net weight

185 mm (7.28 in)
104.8 mm
145 mm
171 mm
4 x elliptic 5.5 mm/6.5 mm
1.6 kg


LF Recone Kit: 
RK6NCX, part No: R2106N0108

HF Service Kit:
Diaphragm assembly:
DA38/-16 PET,  part No: R411500116

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