Test Bench in Voice Coil Magazine September 2020
A Pro Sound Compression Driver from Oberton
By Vance Dickason
The first driver being characterized this month came from pro sound OEM Oberton, Ltd., which first appeared in Voice Coil’s Test Bench in January 2020 with its 1.4” ND72HB/CT compression driver.
The driver that Oberton supplied for this month’s Test Bench explication is the company’s new ND45 1” compression driver (see Photo 1) along with the H-960 1” throat PBT-PET 90° × 60° constant directivity horn.
The ND45 has a 44 mm (1.75”) diameter two-layer voice coil wound with aluminum wire wound onto a Kapton former driving a polyester sandwich diaphragm and vented surround (see the Photo 2), with the entire assembly being field replaceable.
Other features include a FEA-optimized neodymium ring magnet motor structure, copper shorting ring, a continuousrated power handling of 40 W with a peak power handling of 80 W, a 1.5 kHz recommended minimum crossover frequency (second-order high-pass filter), heatsink fins on the back of the assembly, 110 dB sensitivity, plus gold terminals. Cut-off frequency for the H-960 horn 850 Hz, perfect for the ND45. ... read more
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